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Mini Raspberry, PB & Choc Cups

Prep Time:

30 Minutes

Cook Time:

1 Hr


8 Servings

About the Recipe

MINI RASPBERRY & PB CUPS! These mini indulgent cups are super easy to make and are only 6 ingredients! I was craving something sweet and couldn’t look past the awesome combo of raspberry, chocolate & peanut butter. Store these in the freezer, however allow to thaw slightly before eating so that the raspberries can slightly soften. Recipe below.


1 block dark choc

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 cups frozen raspberries

2 tbsp chia seeds

2 tbsp maple syrup

3 tbsp peanut butter


1. Melt half the block of dark chocolate with 1 tbsp coconut oil on a stovetop or in the microwave.

2. Pour small amounts into mini silicone muffin tray. It should make about 7-8. Put in freezer to set.

3. In a saucepan, combine the raspberries, chia seeds and maple syrup and stir until a jam consistency occurs.

4. Pour a small amount of the raspberry chia jam into each silicone mould, covering the set chocolate.

5. Add in a small amount of peanut butter into each mould. Put back into freezer to set until hard (this may take a few hours).

6. Once set, melt the other 1/2 of the chocolate with 1 tbsp coconut oil and pour over the jam. Put back in freezer to set for 1 hour.

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