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  • Claudia Kent

Five Benefits of Pilates & Why You Should Start Today

Are you looking for a way to improve your overall physical strength, balance and flexibility? Has going to the gym become repetitive and unfulfilling? Well then it’s time to start Pilates! Whether you’re looking to try something new or supplement your current workout routine, Pilates has tonnes of benefits — from increasing range of motion and improving core stability, increased flexibility, better posture as well as sculpting long lean muscles. This blog post will discuss 5 benefits of Pilates and why you should start today to positively impact both your body and mind in just a few weeks.

Benefit 1: Increased Flexibility & Strength

Pilates works to strengthen and lengthen all the muscles within your body which leads to more mobility. This helps improve posture by providing greater stability and improved muscle strength along the spine. Improved posture also helps reduce strain that can cause chronic pain such as neck, shoulder, or lower back pain.

Benefit 2: Improved Breathing & Circulation

Pilates focuses on mindful breathing techniques which help bring oxygen to all parts of the body while increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage. Deep breathing is essential for managing stress levels as well as calming the nervous system and improving mental clarity. These techniques also help create an inner balance in the body that leads to greater physical performance and better overall health.

Benefit 3: Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Since Pilates strengthens both large and small muscle groups equally it’s beneficial for injury prevention as well as rehabilitation after an injury occurs. With proper guidance from a certified instructor there are plenty of modifications available so you can still do Pilates even if you have an existing injury or physical limitation. With consistent practice, Pilates helps create better muscular balance throughout your body making it much less likely for injuries to occur in the future!

Benefit 4: Improved Balance & Coordination

Pilates emphasises movements that require multiple muscles to work together simultaneously which teaches us how to move more efficiently with less effort. By training our bodies in this way we can improve coordination between both sides of our bodies as well as within each side itself leading us towards better balance both physically and mentally! In addition, since balance requires strength it’s important to note that regular practice of Pilates will help increase overall strength too.

Benefit 5: Stress Relief & Mindfulness

The combination of movement with deep breathing helps create a meditative state where we can let go of stressors from our day-to-day life while focusing on letting go tension from our muscles. Since Pilates promotes mindfulness through its movements it also encourages us to stay present in our bodies so we get more out of every repetition - allowing us to enjoy each moment more fully!

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